Hire Home CCTV Installers And Make The Home A Safer Zone For Family

Once CCTV security cameras are installed in the house, one can remain assured that their home is continuously monitored. These cameras can also be used to get visual of places at blind spots around the property. Also, if burglars notice a CCTV security camera in the parameter of a property, likely, they won’t touch the house. Thus, all in all, these cameras increase the security and safety of the house and the people living in it. One can also bring in the best Home CCTV Installers for installations.

Best places to install CCTV cameras
• Front door
Most of the burglars use the front door to get access to the house. Thus, the front door is a must when it comes to installing a security camera. Also, it will record every individual who enters or leaves the house.
• Driveway and garage
A camera in a garage will keep an eye on the vehicles and tools. If the garage is attached to the house, it is additional security to another property’s entryway.
• Side and back doors
Secondary doors like back and side ones should also have CCTV cameras as people can get into the house unnoticed using them.
• Yard
A security camera in the yard will help keep an eye on the kids playing, and people who may be peeking inside the property.
• Interior
Install the cameras in the hallways and the common areas. This way, everyone starting from repairers to babysitters can be monitored.
Guidelines for installation
• The camera should be installed at least 9-10 feet above the ground. High enough so that it out of reach of burglars and low enough to capture every detail.
• Outdoor cameras should be the ones that can handle the harsh weather changes. And also, place it at a spot where it is a bit protected.
• For indoors, corners are best as it gives the best vantage point as per home CCTV installers.
• Make sure that the cameras do not directly face the sun. The sunlight may distort the footage. Same for indoors, angle it properly to avoid bright windows and lamps.
Security cameras are the best way to increase the security of the property. Some people even resort to installing decoy cameras to scare the burglars. So why not spend some more to get an actual security camera

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