Tarot Card Reading – What Is The Dawn Symbolical Of?

tarot card reading is basically a form of cartomancy. Cartomancy is a method of divination using ordinary items like coins, playing cards, etc., and then combines their forces to arrive at a conclusion. Tarot card reading is basically the process of employing tarot cards in order to gain insight into our present, past or future. Tarot reading is really fun, although it does require a bit of knowledge on the part of the person doing the Tarot reading. You can perform a tarot card reading anywhere and anytime you wish. You can get a tarot card reading from a friend, relative, colleague, or even from an online tarot reading website.

The question in every tarot card reading is answered with a single answer, for example, all the cards revealing the answer ‘It’s too cloudy today’ means that something in your current life environment is blocking your psychic energies and making you go round in circles. The person using the tarot card reading is concentrating his or her mental energy and strength in that area, trying to focus the mind on one particular area. The process may be difficult for some people because our brains are not naturally efficient at focusing on just one thing.

A tarot card reading is conducted using the ancient art and science of combining the forces of the universe known as the “God” in order to discern what is coming in the future. There are 22 major arcana or paths in the tarot, each depicting a different path in your life. A thorough knowledge of each of the 22 major arcana is necessary before performing a tarot card reading.

The mystical and the mundane worlds become unified in the course of a tarot reading. Carl Jung believed that our mind consists of an inner world called the “Mystery” and another called the “Physical World”. These two worlds are interlinked and can be discovered by penetrating each “Mystery” into its corresponding physical world. The mystical world is the unseen, the psychic world and the everyday world together. Carl Jung was a pioneer in unifying these two worlds and he surmised that this would help in understanding both the sacred and profane; which is why he introduced the idea of the “eral tarot”.

A tarot card reading is usually conducted using tarot cards, a deck of cards composed of ten, usually thirteen, cards. One card is referred to as the “Winder” and these are used to refer to the internal chattering of the mind that only the initiated can hear. A reader will then use the top three cards of the deck to indicate the various things you want to know about your life. Each card has a different meaning depending on the position it occupies in the deck, the question it indicates, and the time of day. So for instance, if you see a card signaling health problems, the next card displayed will indicate that it is the turn of the next card.

Most readers prefer to work with a single deck, but for those who have an affinity for history, mystical traditions, and the overall occult, a pair of court cards may prove to be more useful. These are also known as the “crowley” or “crescent” tarot decks. In this deck, each card is designated to its position in the heaven plane. Each card represents one degree of a particular zodiac sign. Thus, the first card read symbolizes the Aries while the last card read symbolizes the Taurus.

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